Sunday, 13 May 2018

UMIDIGI portable wireless stereo speaker UMI-BTS1

This speaker is really well made with a good attention to detail. All joints are sealed well.
To open, remove the rubber foot, free the antenna. Slide guitar picks to release the 4 tabs see pic of ali case. Slide large plastic part out, being careful to not kill the antenna. 6 screws to remove the back. No battery connector. You can now remove the front grill, but it doesnt give any more access.
2 speakers and 2 ports.

It tells you what it is doing at full volume. Really annoying. Also, if you power it up with aux plugged in, it doesn't recognise it, thus you have to jack in/out again. A small microprocessor (pic10f220) was added to address most of the problems; it detects the aux jack and mutes the voice. It mutes at power up, and when the off button is pressed. It asserts the 'jack present line' at power up for 6s then re-connects it; thus if there was a jack plugged in, it is now detected; if not it enters BT as normal.

I'd buy another, but not to modify. I'd bought it to fit a small pcb inside with an internet radio. Unfortunately the aluminium case will limit the wifi range; the BT antenna is not ideally placed currently being on the base under the rubber foot.

A 5V port was added to the rear; 5V as I don't know what the internal 5v to 3v3 regulator is rated for - it was only just giving 3.1V. The 5V comes from a mt3608 boost from the 3.7V li-ion cell which is good for 2A.

Pics showing the mods. A new board with a pic10f220 on the left to mute the full volume voice prompts, plus forcing the unit into AUX on power up.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

MT-07 error

Error display on MT-07

Fixed under warranty, just. No idea of the cost.
Air box pressure sensor

engine running, no message

Turned ignition off, then on. Engine not running (see rev counter)

Friday, 20 April 2018

Extension leads

All 1.5mm
Yellow 25m 14V drop @2kW
blue 15m 13v drop
armoured 12V

8m 4c, prob 2.5m 11V

CSA vs diameter
.75mm2 1mm
1 1.1
1.5 1.4
2 1.5
2.5 1.8
4 2.3

Cubster mantenance 2018

20/4 Blades sharpened, air pre-filter washed.
Plugs NGK BPR4ES as manual. Quite black. RH gapped. LH ok
Moved throttle to drop idle speed, now at 1500, which is spec, but sounds fast.
Oiled throttle & choke bowden cables and assemblies

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Patio doors

7/3/18 Rollers replaced 1 door closest to garage
14/4/18 Rollers replaced 1 door  to terrasse

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Jata CA704 Cafetière Demi Expresse

Bought this coffee machine in July 2016. It's been descaled a couple of times, but as we live in a relatively soft water area, I don't pay that much attention.
There are a bunch of these machines which look pretty similar in a price range of €25 (Gifi)  to €70. This one has a control board and 12V relay which turns off the heater after ~10 mins.

Jata CA704 Cafetière Demi Expresse 26 x 21,5 x 33,8 cm

It had started producing little coffee. I descaled it and it was fine for a day, then a problem again. Having striped it, it seems scale had caught up in the narrow pipes in the control valve.
To strip it, you need to remove the control knob. This wont come off as it has a release lever you can't get to.
Remove the base. Triangle heads. Disconnect the blue and white wires to the heater. Remove the 4 screws way up inside. 
Remove 2 screws under filler, and gently ease out the silicon seal.
Remove the 2 screws adjacent to the coffee holder
Wiggle the top bit, noting you cant remove it as the knob is in place. Remove 2 screws, 1 each side now visible below control knob.
The top piece and boiler are now free. Turn control knob until release lever (white) is visible inside black knob shaft. Press release and pull knob. I took some material off this so it holds ok, but can be removed with a good tug.

The boiler can be separated. Control part comes off revealing ceramic plates.
Took 3 hours with sulfamic acid (Casino descaler) to dissolve the scale. The boiler is aluminium and there was no noticeable change in the surface finish.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Bath mixer

Generic mixer bought from Homebase in 2009.
Not massively different to the other mixer on this blog. In the pic below, the hot inlet to the block is on the right (left when mounted)
The cartridge as shown has cold on the RH mesh.
Taken apart as the temperature control seized up due to limescale and little use. There was plenty of grease in the LH threaded part which was moved around to lubricate as needed. Scale removed gently with a screwdriver and finished with emery cloth.
To get the temperature knob in the right place, set knurl to full hot and place grey part such that the 38C limit pin on knob sits just in front of the max temp grey part. When the knob is then rotated it will correctly stop at 38C. Then need to readjust the knurl, so that full cold forces the thermostatic piston to full cold. Partly remove the knob so that it freely turns and turn in the cold direction until you feel the resistance of hitting the piston. Make this point 20C. Then refit knob and turn towards full hot. When it stops, you'll find that by partly removing the knob, that full hot is ~1/8 turn.
If the last part, readjusting the knurl, is not carried out, the piston has nothing to push against, so will only do full hot.
In fully cold, the piston is forced ~0.5mm before it hits the stop.
The piston is 5.5mm at ~16C, and extends to 7mm at ~45C
The control knob piston is 22mm at full cold, and extends to 26.5mm at full hot. moves ~2.5mm per 1/2 turn
Thermostatic capsule marked 5701 8H258